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Friedrich Nietzsche

Friedrich Nietzsche


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1815 دریافت
1695 دریافت
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Portable Nietzsche

he works of Friedrich Nietzsche have fascinated readers around the world ever since the publication of his first book more than a hundred years ago. As Walter K..

انگلیسی ۲۱.۰۴.۱۳۹۵, ۰۱:۰۱
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(3 رای)
15,18 مگابایت

The Will to Power

Represents a selection from Nietzche's notebooks to find out what he wrote on nihilism, art, morality, religion, and the theory of knowledge, among others.

انگلیسی ۲۶.۰۳.۱۳۹۵, ۱۸:۲۸
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(4 رای)
8,03 مگابایت

Thus Spake Zarathustra

A tremendously influential philosophical work of the late nineteenth century, Thus Spake Zarathustra is also a literary masterpiece by one of the most important..

انگلیسی ۰۲.۰۴.۱۳۹۵, ۰۳:۰۶
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(5 رای)
5,91 مگابایت

Genealogy of Morals

On the Genealogy of Morals (1887) is a book about interpretation and the history of ethics which raises profoundly disquieting issues about the violence of both..

انگلیسی ۳۰.۰۳.۱۳۹۵, ۲۳:۰۵
5 از 5
(9 رای)
25,48 مگابایت

Twilight of the Idols

انگلیسی ۰۶.۰۶.۱۳۹۴, ۰۴:۰۱
2 از 5
(5 رای)
299,68 کیلوبایت

Beyond Good and Evil

Beyond Good and Evil (BGE) is often considered to be one of Friedrich Nietzsche’s greatest books. It draws on and expands the ideas of his previous work, Thus..

فارسی ۱۱.۰۵.۱۳۹۴, ۱۳:۰۷
2.1 از 5
(7 رای)
857,13 کیلوبایت

The Case Of Wagner

Nietzsche wrote the rough draft of “The Case of Wagner” in Turin, during the month of May 1888; he completed it in Sils Maria towards the end of June of the..

انگلیسی ۲۶.۰۴.۱۳۹۴, ۰۲:۱۶
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(6 رای)
638,87 کیلوبایت

The Birth of Tragedy

The Birth of Tragedy, Nietzsche’s first book, was published in 1872, when he was 28 years old and a professor of classical philology at Basel. The book had it..

انگلیسی ۱۲.۰۴.۱۳۹۴, ۱۲:۲۳
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(8 رای)
622,21 کیلوبایت

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