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Gregory Benford

Gregory Benford


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The author of Tides of Light offers his Nebula Award-winning SF classic--a combination of hard science, bold speculation, and human drama. In the year 1998, a..

انگلیسی ۰۴.۱۲.۱۳۹۶, ۰۵:۱۵
رتبه دهی نشده
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A small cube of black rock has been unearthed in a 3500-year-old Mycenaean tomb. An incomprehensible object in an impossible place; its age, its purpose, and..

انگلیسی ۰۱.۱۲.۱۳۹۶, ۰۴:۰۶
4 از 5
(1 رای)
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If the Stars Are Gods

Man searched a long time for alien life, until finally it found him. The aliens put their ship into orbit around the moon, peacably ignoring frantic human excit..

انگلیسی ۰۱.۱۲.۱۳۹۶, ۰۴:۱۰
4 از 5
(1 رای)
193,19 کیلوبایت

Heart of the Comet

An odyssey of discovery, from a shattered society through the solar system with a handful of men and women who ride a cold, hurtling ball of ice to the shaky pr..

انگلیسی ۲۷.۱۱.۱۳۹۶, ۰۳:۲۹
رتبه دهی نشده
1,94 مگابایت


Impending personal tragedy is dimming the brilliant light of Dr. Benjamin Knowlton's world. On the threshold of their greatest achievement, the renowned astroph..

انگلیسی ۲۷.۱۱.۱۳۹۶, ۰۳:۲۷
رتبه دهی نشده
1,11 مگابایت

Beyond Infinity

Whether pondering why some numbers are uncountable, or why infinity + 1 is not the same as 1 + infinity, we've all asked the same question: What is infinity? In..

انگلیسی ۲۳.۱۱.۱۳۹۶, ۰۹:۰۰
4 از 5
(1 رای)
503,07 کیلوبایت

Against Infinity

A gripping, masterfully written adventure set against the violent beauty of a planet in the throes of cataclysmic transformation, Against Infinity is Gregory B..

انگلیسی ۲۳.۱۱.۱۳۹۶, ۰۸:۵۸
رتبه دهی نشده
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