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Greg Bear

Greg Bear


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The Way Series 01 - Eon

The 21st century was on the brink of nuclear confrontation when the 300 kilometer-long stone flashed out of nothingness and into Earth's orbit. NASA, NATO, and ..

انگلیسی ۲۰.۱۱.۱۳۹۶, ۰۴:۵۴
رتبه دهی نشده
2,85 مگابایت

The Way Series 03 - Legacy

Set in the same universe as the author's bestselling Eon and Eternity, this novel tells the story of Olmy, well-known to readers of the earlier books. Investiga..

انگلیسی ۲۰.۱۱.۱۳۹۶, ۰۴:۵۶
رتبه دهی نشده
1,44 مگابایت

The Venging

This is the first published collection of short stories by one of the foremost voices in science fiction today. This significant volume contains many characters..

انگلیسی ۱۷.۱۱.۱۳۹۶, ۰۴:۳۴
رتبه دهی نشده
855,30 کیلوبایت

The Forge of God Series - 02 - Anvil of Stars

انگلیسی ۱۱.۱۲.۱۳۹۴, ۱۷:۲۱
5 از 5
(1 رای)
3,03 مگابایت

The Forge of God Series - 01 - The Forge of God

انگلیسی ۱۱.۱۲.۱۳۹۴, ۱۷:۲۱
4 از 5
(3 رای)
3,62 مگابایت

Moving Mars

Moving Mars is a story of human courage and love set within the greater saga of a planetary liberation movement. Mars is a colonial world, governed by corpora..

انگلیسی ۱۷.۱۱.۱۳۹۶, ۰۴:۳۰
رتبه دهی نشده
1,36 مگابایت

Halo Series - 01 - Cryptum

100,000 years ago, the galaxy was populated by a great variety of beings. But one species--eons beyond all others in both technology and knowledge--achieved do..

انگلیسی ۱۳.۱۱.۱۳۹۶, ۰۲:۰۲
رتبه دهی نشده
2,00 مگابایت

Dinosaur Summer

Peter Belzoni is dreading summer in Manhattan. Then his father, photojournalist Anthony Belzoni, offers the youth a job, a byline in National Geographic...and a..

انگلیسی ۱۳.۱۱.۱۳۹۶, ۰۲:۰۴
رتبه دهی نشده
1,67 مگابایت

Beyond Heaven's River

Kawashita passed up the chance to die honourably with the carrier HIRYU. When the aliens plucked him from the sea, he thought they would kill him, but instead t..

انگلیسی ۱۰.۱۱.۱۳۹۶, ۰۴:۴۵
رتبه دهی نشده
827,64 کیلوبایت

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