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Alan Dean Foster

Alan Dean Foster


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Set in Sagramanda, city of 100 million, this is the story of Taneer, a scientist who has absconded with his multinational corporation's secret project code and ..

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Alan Dean Foster (born November 18, 1946) is an American writer of fantasy and science fiction, a prolific creator of and contributor to book series as well as ..

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The Chronicles of Riddick

The Chronicles of Riddick is a 2004 American science fiction adventure film which follows the adventures of Richard B. Riddick as he attempts to elude capture a..

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The I Inside

For over 100 years, the machine called Colligatarch had ruled the Earth. Its predictions of the future have proved so accurate that humans accepted its recommen..

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The Human Blend

Alan Dean Foster’s brilliant new novel is a near-future thriller that has all the dark humor and edgy morality of an Elmore Leonard mystery, in addition to th..

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The Black Hole

The Black Hole is a 1979 American science fiction film directed by Gary Nelson and produced by Walt Disney Productions. The film stars Maximilian Schell, Robert..

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New York Times bestselling author Alan Dean Foster presents a story of miracles amid the wreckage of modern science. Living next to a toxic chemical dump is Jak..

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Midworld (1975) is a science fiction novel written by Alan Dean Foster. It is set in his primary science-fiction universe, the Humanx Commonwealth. Midworld ..

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Life Form

Foster presents a spellbinding odyssey of a planet miraculously like Earth. Until close observation shows that on this world, nothing is as it seems. Welcome to..

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Jed the Dead

Ross Ed Hager is a good ol' boy from Texas, headed to the coast and expecting to see things he's never seen before. Jed is something he's never seen before--a t..

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