33Turtles up to the mourning

33Turtles up to the mourning

کتاب حاضر ترجمه مجموعه مویه از لاکپشت های 33 ششمین دفتر شعر وحید ضیایی شاعر و نویسنده ایرانی ست . این مجموعه با ترجمه به انگلیسی پروین طلوعی - مترجم و شاعر معاصر آذربایجانی - نخستین بار در سایت شعرآستان منتشر شد . نمونه هایی از اشعار این کتاب در سایت poet against the war منتشر شده است .در مقدمه این کتاب آمده است :
Please close your eyes, and imagine a messenger who plays a saxophone! It is very strange but creates a sweet sense. Every note of this music carries numerous packages of light and concept with itself, toward every one who can hear or not. He's promised to keep his mission, up to the last notes of his saxophone, his last breath. And this messenger is our poet. He penetrates into the eyes, hearts, minds, and reaches the white tribe's time from the lover's body. He rounds around all the pains himself, but does not hope any one it. He becomes heavyhearted because of remembering the past narrow broken years but beside every lover he jumps over all sad nesses. His new year is really new. This poet messenger confirms the previous messengers, like every other messenger, even behind the cement walls. The cement walls are despised against all the messengers, all the poets.
But Vahid Ziaei, as the poet of this "33 Erotic Poems" has broken through the wall of all literal limit. Erotism has found a very new appearance for itself in his works. Reading them you're able to smile, frown, and reach a very sublime sense about the events, synchronously. Then read and practice this difference.

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