Absolutely Essential Words 504 -Sixth Edition

by:Murray Bromberg, Julius Liebb And Arthur Traiger

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This is a self-help book. If you use it intelligently, you will help yourself to strengthen and expand your word knowledge. The words you will learn, moreover, are essential in that they are known and used regularly by educated people. You will find that such words as squander, rehabilitate, blunder, obesity, and five hundred more will turn up in your newspapers, in the magazines you read, in books, on television, in the movies, and in the conversation of the people you meet daily.
504 Absolutely Essential Words is divided into 42 lessons, each containing 12 new words. Those words are first presented to you in three sample sentences; next, the new words appear in a brief passage; the last part of each lesson is a set of exercises that give you practice using the new words. One of the most important features of 504 ... Words is that each of the new words is repeated over and over again throughout this book so that you will have a greater chance to become familiar with it. ·
Included are seven Word Review sections, each containing challenging exercises that will help you to test your mastery of the new words.
Newly added are interesting exercises in letter writing and parts of speech that will familiarize you with our ·basic 504 essential words. Finally, this 6th edition features frequently misspelled words, a Bonus Review, a Bonus Lesson with 125 More Difficult (But Essential) Words, and a new section called Panorama of Words.

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