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شرح نزولیصعودی زبان
تاریخ نزولیصعودی دریافت نزولیصعودی امتیاز نزولیصعودی حجم

A Concise Introduction to Linguistics, 4th Edition

by: Bruce M. Rowe, Diane P. Levine Provides a linguistic foundation for students of all majors Assisted by numerous pedagogical aids, A Concise Introduction..

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A Little Book of Language

With a language disappearing every two weeks and neologisms springing up almost daily, an understanding of the origins and currency of language has never seemed..

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An Etymological Dictionary of Persian , English and other Indo-European Language

فرهنگ ریشهٔ واژگان فارسی کتابی بی‌نظیری است که برای نخستین بار نتایج تحقیقات و آراء زبا..

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An Introduction to English Morphology: Words and Their Structure

مقدمه ای بر شناخت ساختار کلمات

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Current Morphology

کتاب شناخت ساختار کلمات و جملات.

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Introduction to English Linguistics

by: Becker, Annette; Bieswanger, Markus This textbook is intended for beginning students of English linguistics, and for their instructors. It is specificall..

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Lexical Meaning in Context

کتاب زبان شناسی کلمات در متن.

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Linguistics of American Sign Language Text, 3rd Edition: An Introduction

by: Clayton Valli, Ceil Lucas Featuring a completely revised section on morphology and syntax, 18 new and updated readings, and new homework assignments base..

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Mezzofanti’s Gift: The Search for the World’s Most Extraordinary Language Learners

Multilingualism is on the rise - in the coming decades, as many as two billion people will learn English as a second language. The next stage up from multilingu..

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New Horizons in the Study of Language and Mind

New Horizons in the Study of Language and Mind is an outstanding contribution to the philosophical study of language and mind, by one of the most influential th..

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