Persepolis Illustrated

The huge palaces, monumental columns, reliefs and noble material such as gold and black marble dominated the image of the city of Persepolis, which was found by Darius I. in 520 BC, for centuries. After the pillage of the city by the command of Alexander the Great 200 years later the heyday abruptly end. Today the impressive ruins of the once mighty city are part of the World Heritage Site. Alireza Shapur Shahbazi leads the reader to the magnificent royal tombs and art treasures of the ancient Persian residence. He explains their original form and function along with stunning visuals and vivid reconstructions.

» کتابناکهای مرتبط:
سهم ایران در تمدن جهان
تخت جمشید
Sculptures and Sculptors at Persepolis

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