Sculptures and Sculptors at Persepolis

Michael Roaf is a British archaeologist specialising in ancient Iranian studies and Assyriology.
Roaf studied the archaeology of Western Asia at University College of London, and wrote his doctoral thesis, Sculptures and Sculptors at Persepolis (published 1983) at the University of Oxford. From 1981 to 1985 he was the director of the British School of Archaeology in Iraq. He also taught at the University of California, Berkeley, and is currently Professor of Near Eastern Archaeology at the University of Munich.
Roaf has conducted fieldwork in Iran, Iraq, Turkey, and Bahrain. In Iran he dug at Tepe Nush-i Jan under the direction of David Stronach, with whom he wrote Nush-i Jan I. The Major Buildings of the Median Settlement. With the Munich University team, he has recently worked on the archaeological expeditions at Gircano and Ziyaret Tepe, ancient Tushhan, Turkey.

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سهم ایران در تمدن جهان
تخت جمشید
Persepolis, Discovery and afterlife of a World Wonder

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