Artificial Intelligence

by: Edward Carterette, Morton Friedman

Artificial Intelligence provides information pertinent to the fundamental aspects of artificial intelligence. This book presents the basic mathematical and computational approaches to problems in the artificial intelligence field.
Organized into four parts encompassing 16 chapters, this book begins with an overview of the various fields of artificial intelligence. This text then attempts to connect artificial intelligence problems to some of the notions of computability and abstract computing devices. Other chapters consider the general notion of computability, with focus on the interaction between computability theory and artificial intelligence. This book discusses as well the concepts of pattern recognition, problem solving, and machine comprehension. The final chapter deals with the study of machine comprehension and reviews the fundamental mathematical and computing techniques underlying artificial intelligence research.
This book is a valuable resource for seniors and graduate students in any of the computer-related sciences, or in experimental psychology. Psychologists, general systems theorists, and scientists will also find this book useful.

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