Brills Arab and Islamic Laws Series

Brills Arab and Islamic Laws Series

The aim of this series is to publish monographs on Islamic jurisprudence and law that approach the Islamic legal tradition from a comparative perspective. The main interest is to publish studies that place the Islamic legal tradition in comparative conversations with other legal systems and traditions. The scope of the series includes studies that engage Islamic law within its many socio-historical manifestations and contexts, both in the Arab and non-Arab worlds, elucidating the Islamic legal experience from a comparative legal perspective.

The special focus of the series is on studies of the pre-modern or modern periods that explore the role of Islamic law, especially as it relates to normatively relevant issues such as race, gender, identity, rule of law, and constitutionalism, but that do so through the application of comparative legal methodologies. Also of special interest are studies on the transformative moment during the colonial period, which explore the influence of legal imperialism upon the historical trajectories of Islamic law.

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درس سخنوری: سی جلسه سخنرانی دینی - جلد سوم
مکتب تفکیک
فتح خون: روایت محرم

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