This edition of Nietzsche displays Zweig's particular forte for creatively mapping the psychology of his subject and their historical significance. Zweig eschews traditional academic discussion and focuses on Nietzsche's habits, passions, and obsessions. This work, concentrating on the man rather than the work, on the tragedy of his existence and his apartness from the world in which he moved in enforced isolation, is a brief tour de force and essential reading for anyone interested in Zweig or Nietzsche. The reader is drawn inexorably into Nietzsche's tragic trajectory. Illustrated with stunning new photographs relating to Nietzsche and his European locations.

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The Philosophy of Hegel: A Systematic Exposition
تاریخ فلسفه یونان (جلد شانزدهم): افلاطون (بخش چهارم)، زبانشناسی محاورات انتقادی
مقالات و گفتگوهای فلسفی ، سیاسی ، جامعه شناسی و ....

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