Climate Change and Agricultural Water Management in Developing Countries

By: Chu Th ai Hoanh,Robyn Johnston and Vladimir Smakhtin

Climate change is a major environmental challenge to the world today, with signifi cant
threats to ecosystems, food security, water resources and economic stability overall. In order
to understand and research ways to alleviate the eff ects of climate change, scientists need
access to information that not only provides an overview of and background to the fi eld, but
also keeps them up to date with the latest research fi ndings.
Th is series addresses many topics relating to climate change, including strategies to develop
sustainable systems that minimize impact on climate and/or mitigate the eff ects of human
activity on climate change. Coverage will encompass all areas of environmental and agricultural
sciences. Aimed at researchers, upper level students and policy makers, titles in the
series provide international coverage of topics related to climate change, including both a
synthesis of facts and discussions of future research perspectives and possible solutions.

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