The Cambridge History of Music, Part 2: Nineteenth-Century Music

This book has been provided to light up the
history of nineteenth-century music in novel and interesting ways. At the same
time, we are aware of our obligation to provide a source of basic and necessary
information – to allow the Cambridge History to serve as a major work of reference.
Hence the balancing act referred to earlier. We hope that the central
chapters on repertory can pass muster in this respect. But given the general
thrust of the volume, it has seemed to us important to provide unusually full
and ambitious reference material, comprising a chronology , a select list of institutions (publishing
houses, conservatories, opera companies, music societies, and the like), and a
personalia (including composers, performers, patrons and publishers). In contrast
we have been more sparing with bibliographical information. In general,
the bibliographies for individual chapters record the major sources used in the
preparation of the chapter, though in most cases they extend beyond that role
to provide a modest indication of useful further reading.

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