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Life Skills - Stuff You Should Really Know By Now

Life Skills - Stuff You Should Really Know By Now

Want to be that go-to person because you really know what’s what? Then beef up your knowledge, add to your capabilities and include some new life skills in your repertoire. Whether it’s to save time and money, impress your friends, help someone out or to get yourself out of a jam, this book is made for you. There’s a whole range of skills here to help you with both the down and dirty and the finer points in life. Pick up a handy tip you might have missed, refine your sketchy understanding of a subject or try tackling some simple DIY. Learn how to handle yourself in a tricky social situation and how to secure a pay rise. Keep this book to hand for when you need it, or check out the sections that appeal to you most. Whichever way you use it, start to build up your skill set now!

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