Anti-Veiling Campaigns in the Muslim World: Gender, Modernism and the Politics of Dress

In recent years bitter controversies have erupted across Europe and the Middle East about women's veiling, and especially their wearing of the face-veil or niqab. Yet the deeper issues contained within these controversies - secularism versus religious belief, individual freedom versus social or family coercion, identity versus integration - are not new but are strikingly prefigured by earlier conflicts. This book examines the state-sponsored anti-veiling campaigns which swept across wide swathes of the Muslim world in the interwar period, especially in Turkey and the Balkans, Iran, Afghanistan and the Soviet republics of the Caucasus and Central Asia.

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آشویتس در سایه ی فریب هولوکاست !
تاریخ تمدن : اصلاح دینی (جلد ششم)
ت‍اری‍خ‌ اورش‍ل‍ی‍م‌: ب‍ی‍ت‌ ال‍م‍ق‍دس‌

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