A Year Amongst the Persians

A Year Amongst the Persians

Dedicated to the Persian Eeader only) In the name of God, the Merciful, the Forgiving Praise be to God, the Maker of Land and Sea, the Lord of BE, and it shall be :W ho brought me forth from the place of my birth, obedient to His saying, Journey through the Earth :W ho guarded me from the dangers of the ivaij with the shield of No fear shall be upon them and no dismay ;W ho caused me to accomplish my quest and thereafter to return and rest, after I had beheld the wonders of the East and of the West! But A fterwards. Thus saith the humblest and umoorthiest of His servants, who least descrvcth His Bounty, and most necdeth His Clemency (may God forgive his failing and heal his ailing !): When from Kirmdn and the confines of Bam I had returned again to the city on the Gam, and ceased for a while to tvander, and began to muse and ponder on the lands where I had been and the marvels I had therein seen, and hovj in pursuit of knowledge I had foregone the calm seclusion of college, and through days vmrm and weary, and nights dark and dreary, now hungry and now athirst I had tasted, of the best and of the ivorst, experiencing hot and cold, and holding converse with young and old, and had climbed the mountain and crossed the waste now slowly and now with haste, until I had made an end of toil, and set my foot upon my native soil; then, ivishful to imimrt the gain which I had won with labour and harvested loith pain for Travel is trcovail sag the sages), I resolved to write these p)ages, and, taking ink and pen, to impart to my fcllo%v-men what I had witnessed and understood of things evil and, gnod. Now seeing that to fail and fall is the fate of all, and to claim exemption from the lot of humanity a proof of pride and vanity, and somewhat of mercy our common need; therefore let such as read, and errors detect, either ignore and neglect, or correct and conceal tlvem r

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روزهای افتخار: لشکرکشی نافرجام انگلیس به ایران در سال ۱۳۳۰
ورای نمودها و نمادها
سازمان سیا در ایران

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