The Universe in a Nutshell

In 1 9 8 8 , when A Brief History of Time was first published, the
ultimate Theory of Everything seemed to be just over the horizon.
How has the situation changed since then? Are we any closer to our
goal? As will be described in this book, we have advanced a long
way since then. But it is an ongoing journey still and the end is not
yet in sight. According to the old saying, it is better to travel hope-
fully than to arrive. Our quest for discovery fuels our creativity in
all fields, not just science. If we reached the end of the line, the
human spirit would shrivel and die. But I don't think we will ever
stand still: we shall increase in complexity, if not in depth, and shall
always be the center of an expanding horizon of possibilities.
I want to share my excitement at the discoveries that are being
made and the picture of reality that is emerging. I have concentrat-
ed on areas I have worked on myself for a greater feeling of imme-
diacy. The details of the work are very technical but I believe the
broad ideas can be conveyed without a lot of mathematical bag-
gage. I just hope I have succeeded.

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