Local governance in developing countries

This book provides a new institutional economics perspective on the evolving role of local government in a globalized and localized world. The framework for local governance developed in this book represents a paradigm shift as it argues for top down mandates on local governance to be replaced by bottom-up compacts. Furthermore the role of local government is seen as a purchaser but not necessarily a provider of local services and to serve as a catalyst in network governance at the local level for developing social capital and improving economic and social outcomes. It also traces the historical evolution of the role of local government in local governance and presents a stylized view oif alternative models of local governance and central-local relations as practiced in the world. The experiences of ten developing and transition economies in local government organization and finance are reviewed to draw lessons of general interest in strengthening responsive, fair, responsible and accountable local governance. The book is written in simple user friendly language to facilitate a wider readership by policy makers and practitioners in addition to students and scholars of public finance, economics and politics.

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