Advances in Shrimp Aquaculture Management

Shrimp farming established into a potential and viable aquaculture practice in India, still could have improved its performance by leaps and bounds, had it been undertaken with a little more scientific approach and application on the basics! The water quality, nutrition and health - the three prime concepts of aquaculture need to be managed cautiously and more cleverly to derive maximum yield to the advantage of mankind. Simply by recording the water quality parameters or by dumping the feed and health products may not yield the optimum results and returns. A meaningful interpretation of all available data from the culture system and their effective utilization to manage and to overcome the problems through appropriate remedial measures is what aqua culturists are expected to do, under crisis situations. For that to happen we need to get our basics absolutely right! It is towards achieving this task; a professional approach backup by the sound technical knowledge becomes indispensable. This book is written with an intention to help the people concerned to gain an insight in to the intricacies of shrimp aquaculture management. The stakeholders viz. the fisheries graduates, aquaculture experts, technicians, extension workers, entrepreneurs and others can be immensely benefited by reading this book. Shrimp aquaculture, a farming practice of global significance needs to be sustained in India, for it has the ability to earn enormous returns to our industrious farming community and fabulous foreign exchange for the country.

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