How To Be A Philosopher: or How to Be Almost Certain that Almost Nothing is Certain

Do life's big questions perplex you? This book, now available in paperback, will give you answers to some of them while revealing that others have no answer. A humorous but informed instruction manual to questions philosophers have been asking and attempting to answer for centuries, How to Be A Philosopher will help you:

- Think, talk, argue and persuade like a philosopher.
- Win every agument by tying people in philosophical knots.
- Ask questions and raise doubts about things most people take for granted.
- Realise that almost nothing is certain.
- Get the absolute final word on that question about a falling tree.

A practical guide to philosophising, the book explains philosophical ideas with examples drawn from such great works as Family Guy, Monty Python's Flying Circus, The Matrix and Red Dwarf. The book also argues that learning to philosophise will help you think more clearly and honestly about your own life. The book even gives practical advice on how to make a living from philosophy!

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