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All About History - Book of the Founding of the United States

Despite its relatively short history, the U.S. has seen diverse change. Here, we take a look at how those changes happened, from the 18th Century wars that began the revolution and led to America's independence, to the events that led to the creation of the U.S. Constitution. This landmark document, upon which modern American law is built, is examined here, including a look at the original document itself, the numerous amendments that ensure it remains relevant, and in-depth analysis of the huge part it has played in American history. In this bookazine... Discover the beginning of the most powerful nation in the world Founding the United States - Join the story during the revolutionary wars of 1763 and beyond Founding Fathers - Learn all about the key figures that formed the basis of the United States The Constitution - Find out how this groundbreaking document changed history Exhibits - Throughout the book, you'll find historic documents, including the Bill of Rights and more Also inside... - French and Indian Wars - British feed the rebel cause - Gunfire at Lexington & Concord - Declaration of Independence - Washington retreats - Into Valley Forge - Articles of Confederation - Cowpens - Yorktown - The Tripolitan War - The land war of 1812 - Creating a country from scratch - A document whose time had come - The Constitution of the United States - One size fits all - It's perfect - let's change it - The Bill of Rights - Growing the Country - Challenges to the Constitution - And yet she stands

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