Baker Encyclopedia of Christian Apologetics (Baker Reference Library)

Norman L. Geisler, an apologist who has written dozens of books, is to be lauded for furnishing the Christian community with this apologetic compilation. In "Baker Encyclopedia of Christian Apologetics" Geisler covers a wide range of apologetic and philosophical topics. He provides essays (many of them lengthy) on: - First principles - All the famous arguments for God existence (The Moral argument for the existence of God is one example) - Naturalism - Neopaganism - Pantheism - The Passover Plot - Presuppositional apologetics - Proof from prophecy - Biblical criticism - Evidence for the Resurrection and countless additional subjects. Geisler employs a basic classical and evidential approach in his presentations and evaluations (he does appear to endeavor to be fair when dealing with non-classical/evidential positions although I disagree with some of his criticisms). This is a good one-volume apologetic reference work that is both detailed and moderately comprehensive. He offers articles on: - Hume - Kant - Russell - Gordon Clark - Carnell - Van Til - Aquinas - Muhammad -Dooyeweerd and many other important figures in religion and apologetics. His numerous essays on the person and work of Christ are outstanding and have great utility in the defense of the Faith. God Does Exist!: Defending the faith using presuppositional apologetics, evidence, and the impossibility of the contrary This colossal work (840 pages) costs significantly less than when I first purchased it, so it is affordable and essential for the apologetic apprentice.

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