Antarctic Climate Evolution

by: Fabio Florindo and Martin Siegert

This is the first book dedicated to the developing knowledge on how the world's largest ice sheet formed and changed over its 34 million years history. In explaining the story of Antartica, information on terrestrial and marine geology, sedimentology, glacier geophysics (including airborne reconnaissance), shipborne geophysics, and numerical ice sheet and climate modelling, will be interwoven within eleven chapters, each deling with an important historical theme. The approach will be to first 'set the scene', involving chapters dedicated to how ice sheets and their glacial history can be measured. This opening section will provide information necessary to comprehend the latter section of the book, in which five chapters will related the glacial and climate evolution of Antartica during the most important time-frames in which changes have occurred. * An overview of antarctic climate change, analysing historical, present day and future developments* Contributions from leading experts and scholars from around the world* Informs and updates climate change scientists and experts in related areas of study.

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