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The Complete Guide to Grammar and Style

The Complete Guide to Grammar and Style

(لوری روزاکیس)

راهنمای کامل گرامر و سبک نگارش - ویراست دوم
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Grammar and Style - Second Edition

Easy to understand instructions on writing and speaking. Perfect punctuation, from the apostrophe to the semi-colon. Rights and wrongs of sentence structure, word usage, spelling, and much, much more.

I'm going to take you point-by-point through all the important English skills you need, from parts of speech to phrases, clause, and sentences. You'll learn how to craft the documents you need, including business letters, resumes, personal letters, and e-mail missives. You'll be able to write that dazzling proposal to win the contract-and finally get that promotion. Remember: Mastering the rules of grammar, usage, punctuation, and spelling is well within your abilities.

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