How it Works Book of Amazing Vehicles - Volume 1

Since the invention of the wheel, humankind has been driven to improve the way we travel, always trying to better, faster, and stronger. The How It Works Book of Amazing Vehicles exhibits the finest inventions in the world of transport, documenting iconic vehicles throughout history and providing a sneak peek at what is to come in the future. From the first Ford to the fastest of fighter jets, the best minds in engineering have shown us that the sky is the limit. Discover just how far we've come and how much further we will go with the incredible vehicles in this book. Featuring:
The world's fastest vehicles - See what's powering some of the speediest machines on Earth .
Land and sea machines - See how we're trying to make cars become eco friendly and submarines go deeper than ever before.
In the air - From stealthy fighter jets to luxurious double decker planes, discover how you'll be flying on your future holidays.
Historic icons - The vehicles that changed the world have left their impact - we look back at the vehicles that made the difference.

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