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Theory and Technology of Laser Imaging Based Target Detection

Target detection based on a Laser imaging system, as a new remote sensing
technology developed from laser ranging, laser guidance, laser track-pointing and
laser imaging, is another detection method for obtaining target information apart
from visible light imaging, infrared imaging and radar imaging. This technology
mainly uses lasers with high brightness, directivity and coherence as the light
source which are radiated to illuminate targets. Therefore, non-touch detection
imaging is performed directly to targets so as to acquire the images of targets. Then,
based on laser images of targets, feature extraction and object inversion are conducted
so as to directly, quickly and precisely gain the 3D feature information of
targets including position, structure and attributes. In this way, targets are found,
identified and confirmed, thus satisfying the requirement of real-time target information
acquisition with high precision, multiple dimensions, efficiency and accuracy.
The technology of applying a laser imaging system in target detection, as a
novel detection manner, has gradually become an important method for obtaining
the intelligence information of battlefield targets. To help readers accurately
understand the concept and outline of the target detection based on a laser imaging
system, this chapter introduces the basic concept and principles of the target
detection using a laser imaging system.
حق تکثیر: Springer, Year: 2018

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