Osprey - Campaign 005 - Ardennes 1944 - Hitler's Last Gamble in the West

The 'Battle of the Bulge' was the last major German offensive in the West. Three armies attacked through the Ardennes, the weakest point in the American lines - and almost broke through. This title describes the planning of the attack and the course of events, including the defence of Bastogne and the heroic delaying actions fought by GIs supposed to be in a 'quiet' sector of the front. In spite of serious American disadvantages Hitler's offensive was stopped. James Arnold explains exactly how this was achieved, and how Germany's last hopes of victory were finally put to rest. Campaigns 5, 24, 74 and 75 are also available in a single volume special edition as ‘Into the Reich'.

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ق‍ت‍ل‌ ع‍ام‌ ارم‍ن‍ی‍ان‌ در دوران‌ س‍لاطی‍ن‌ آل‌ ع‍ث‍م‍ان‌
یکشنبه خونین، 9 ژانویه
داستان ترکتازان هند - جلد 3

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