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The Complete Guide to Climate Change

For anyone trying to separate the fact from the fiction, The Complete Guide to Climate Change is an indispensable resource. Taking you through the A to Z of the key scientific, geographical and socio-political issues involved in the study of the environment and the implications of mankind’s effect upon it, topics covered include:
Environmental Science – the Carbon Cycle and the "Greenhouse Gases"
The impacts of climate change on life, land and sea
Mitigation strategies from carbon capture to carbon taxes
The Kyoto Protocol and UNFCC
Renewable fuel sources, from wind to solar power
Including guides to the latest scientific and governmental thinking on climate change, this book will tell you all you need to know about perhaps the biggest issue facing mankind today.

» کتابناکهای مرتبط:
Geoscience Research and Education
Minerals and Rocks
Climate Wars: What People Will Be Killed For In The 21st Century

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