Healing and the Scriptures

D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones
Culled from lectures he gave over a twenty-one
year period (from 1953 to 1974) to members of the
Christian Medical Fellowship, the British Medical
Association, and the Royal Commonwealth Society,
Healing and the Scriptures is a sampling of Dr. L1oyd Jones's philosophic insight into the physical/spiritual
nature of healing, an approach that is today commonly referred to as holistic treatment.
Dr. Lloyd-Jones claimed that "Much loose thinking has come in at this point. I would without apology
venture to make the blunt assertion that Christianity,
and Christianity alone, can deal with 'the whole man:
By definition, it alone is capable of undertaking such
a task. Medicine is in its right place when it sets out
to deal with the body and the mind. But it is the
task of religion of the Christian religion-to deal with
'the whole man:"
Drawing from the resources of his medical and
theological background, Dr. Lloyd-Jones discusses
issues of current concern, including the erosion of
the patient-doctor relationship, the separate healing
roles of the church and the medical establishment,
the power of faith as a healing agent, demonic oppression and possession, the blurred distinction between
spiritual and physical illness, and drugs and religious

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