Live More, Spend Less

این کتاب نکتات کاربردی برای کاهش هزینه های زندگی را به زبان ساده بیان میکند.
Do you want - or need - to live more economically? If the idea of a frugal existence does not appeal, don't panic. This book is designed to show you how to live more - but spend less. Live More, Spend Less is for dipping in and out of - as and when you need to. It is not a guide to going without, or to re-using teabags or washing used cling film. It tells you what you need to know to save money without missing out on the good things in life: - Great food ideas and recipes - Money-saving tips for grocery shopping - How to make your own cleaning products - How to earn extra money - Make-up savvy - How to save on utility bills - Brilliant budget clothing - Making do and mending -And much more
Spring Hill - 2009 - The U.K.

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«Buy with your head not with your stomach, never go shopping when you are hungry..»
«با مغزت خرید کن نه با شکمت ، هرگز با شکم گرسنه به خرید مرو »
در گونه خودش کتاب جالبی است ،ساده و روشن نوشته شده و برای همه کسانی که با زندگی مدرن رودروی اند ، پندهای کاربردی حوبی دارد.
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