ANSI Common Lisp

A book for the most powerful programming language by one of the best lispers

The aim of this book is to teach you Common Lisp quickly and thoroughly. It is really two books. The first half is a tutorial that explains, with plenty of examples, all the essential concepts of Lisp programming. The second half is an up-to-date summary of ANSI Common Lisp, describing every operator in the language.

ANSI Common Lisp is intended for both students and professional programmers. It assumes no prior knowledge of Lisp. Experience writing programs in some other language would be helpful, but not absolutely necessary. The book begins with the most basic concepts, and pays special attention to the points that tend to confuse someone seeing Lisp for the first time. This book could be used by itself as the textbook in a course on Lisp programming, or to teach Lisp as part of a course on artificial intelligence or programming languages. Professional programmers who want to learn Lisp will appreciate the direct, practical approach. Those who already use Lisp will find it a useful source of examples, and a convenient reference for ANSI Common Lisp.

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