The Dreamers - 03 - Crystal Gorge

A tale of a world where gods and mortals join forces to battle the darkest evil…
Despite two devastating defeats, the Vlagh prepares to invade again. Dhrall’s mortal defenders are certain they will prevail—until they learn the Vlagh has created an army of perfect spies, intelligent minions that can blend in with humans. Far worse: They have no idea where the Vlagh will attack. Will she charge to the north, where the natives are bison and bear hunters? Or will she assault the eastern regions, where peaceful townsfolk worship their goddess in temples? The battle-hardened veterans of the country’s previous wars don’t have the manpower to fight on two fronts. Will the Vlagh’s minions finally overrun the land of Dhrall?
The third of four books in the saga of The Dreamers.

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آنسوی درگاه تاریک
Fire & Blood: 300 Years Before A Game of Thrones

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