White Priory Murders

Time: Present
Place: London and the famous old house, White Priory, nearby.
Main Characters: MARCIA TAIT, glamorous film star who has broken her Hollywood contract to open in a London play, "The Private Life of Charles II"; the eccentric MAURICE BOHUN, author of the play, and master of White Priory; JOHN BOHUN, his brother, in love with Marcia Tait; EMERY (publicity) and RAINGER (production) who have rushed after Marcia Tait from Hollywood - trying to persuade her to return; mouthy old LORD CANIFEST, backer of the play, and his subdued daughter, LOUISE; the lovely niece of the Bohuns, KATHERINE BOHUN; young JAMES BENNETT, American, and nephew of SIR HENRY MERRIVALE - that obese, sleepy old bear whom CHIEF INSPECTOR MASTERS routed out of his lair in whitehall to solve that baffling mystery.

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