Astronomy: A Self-Teaching Guide

ASTRONOMY is a user-friendly guide for beginners. Chapters make it easy for you to quickly learn the
main topics of a college level course. Sections clarify basic principles and contemporary advances. The index enables you to look up concepts, definitions, facts and famous astronomers, fast. You can use the book alone or with a conventional textbook, internet-based or distance-learning course, computer software, telescope manual, or as a handy reference.

Introduction - Cosmic View
Chapter 1 - Understanding the Starry Sky
Chapter 2 - Light and Telescopes
Chapter 3 - The Stars
Chapter 4 - The Sun
Chapter 5 - Stellar Evolution
Chapter 6 - Galaxies
Chapter 7 - The Universe
Chapter 8 - Exploring the Solar System
Chapter 9 - The Planets
Chapter 10 - The Moon
Chapter 11 - Comets, Meteors, and Meteorites
Chapter 12 - Life on Other Worlds?
Useful Resources and Web Sites
Star and Moon Maps

[Seventh Edition - 2009]
حق تکثیر: Published in New Jersey
Published simultaneously in Canada

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