A Very Short Introduction - Nelson Mandela

His given Xhosa name Rolihlahla signifi ed he could be a
troublemaker. His clan honorifi c Madiba associated him with his
aristocratic Thembu lineage. And his European name Nelson, his
best-known name, given by his primary school teacher, imprinted
his life with the name of one of imperial Britain’s naval heroes.
Between these three nodal points of his names – signifying
resistance, social stature, and heroism, respectively – Nelson
Rolihlahla Mandela’s life has played out in extraordinary,
mythmaking ways. His face and his form, his raised-arm salute
and walk into freedom, are among the most widely reproduced
icons of the 20th century.
Nelson Mandela – is it possible to say, in a phrase, who or what
he is? Yes, he was one of the world’s longest-detained political
prisoners; during the time of his incarceration easily its most
famous. He is a universal symbol of social justice certainly, an
exemplary figure connoting non-racialism and democracy, a
moral giant. Once a man without a face (photographs of political
prisoners in South Africa being banned), he became after his
1990 release an internationally recognizable image. For over
four decades, while his country was vilified the world over for its
policies of state-sanctioned racism, called apartheid, Mandela
symbolically and to some extent practically led the movement of
resistance to that injustice.

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List of illustrations xvii
Map of South Africa during apartheid xix
1 Mandela: story and symbol 1
2 Scripting a life: the early years 17
3 Growth of a national icon: later years 51
4 Infl uences and interactions 82
5 Sophiatown sophisticate 110
6 Masculine performer 123
7 Spectres in the prison garden 149
8 Mandela’s ethical legacy 170
Further reading 182
Chronology 190
Index 197
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