The White Feather

The White Feather is a novel by P. G. Wodehouse, first published on 9 October 1907 by A & C Black, London.[1] It is set at Wrykyn school, scene of Wodehouse's earlier book The Gold Bat (1904), and the later Mike (1909). Like many early Wodehouse novels, the story first appeared as a serial in the boys' magazine The Captain, between October 1905 and March 1906. The phrase "white feather" is a reference to cowardice.
In the novel, Sheen, a quiet and studious boy, finds himself facing a street brawl between boys of Wrykyn and a gang of local toughs. He slips away to safety, but his cowardliness is noticed by his fellows, who ostracize him. He trains secretly under boxing legend Joe Bevan, hoping to restore his honour in the boxing ring.

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