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Holidays, Festivals and Celebrations of the World Dictionary

Detailing More Than 3,000 Observances from
All 50 States and More Than 100 Nations.

A Compendious Reference Guide to Popular, Ethnic, Religious, National,
and Ancient Holidays, Festivals, Celebrations, Commemorations,
Holy Days, Feasts, and Fasts, Including Contact Information and
Web Sites. Supplemented by Special Sections on Words Relating to Time,
Calendar Systems, Phases of the Moon, the World’s Major Living
Religions, Facts about the U.S. States and Territories, Legal Holidays by
State, Facts about the U.S. Presidents, Facts about Countries around the
World, Legal Holidays by Country, Tourism Information Sources; and by
an Annotated Bibliography and Chronological, Historic, Ancient,
Folkloric, Calendar, Promotional, Sports, and Subject Indexes .

Copyright © 2010 Omnigraphics, Inc.
ISBN 978-0-7808-0994-9
Printed in the United States of America.

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