A Brief History of Russia

Russia’s history is an epic saga of strength, suffering, and, ultimately
of survival. It is a tumultuous drama acted out on a vast and
violent stage millions of square miles in area, where enormous casts of
ordinary people were repeatedly conscripted for extraordinary historical
scenes that gave credence to the claim that truth is stranger than
fiction. It is a litany of extremes: extreme weather, extreme contrasts,
extreme twists of fate, extreme changes of fortune, and extreme solutions
for extreme problems, all of which imposed cruel sacrifi ces on a
people who even in good times lived with hardship and in bad times
endured the intolerable. And like the heavens on the shoulders of Atlas,
Russia’s history is a huge and heavy burden that weighs down today on
a great country as it tries to overcome its past and create a society in
which its people can live freely and prosper.

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