Biochemistry Stryer - 5th edition

by: Jeremy M. Berg , John L. Tymoczko , Lubert Stryer

With new co-authors Jeremy Berg and John Tymoczko, "Biochemistry" 5th edition has expanded integration of evolution, more chemical and structural insights, and a web based media component created simultaneously with the text. Improved pedagogy includes: chapter opening outlines, expanded end of chapter problem sets, new types of problems, and special icons highlighting evolutionary coverage, clinically relevant material, or related media content on the Web. "Biochemistry" also becomes the first text to fully reflect the revolution that has taken place in biomedical science in the past ten years, culminating in the human genome project. A key focus of the new edition is the unifying features of protein structure and function that have been revealed by the incredible progress in gene sequencing. All molecular diagrams have been recreated by Jeremy Berg for clearer and more consistent presentations of structure throughout, with the art programme being increased by nearly 20 per cent over the previous edition. The new author team has also worked to maintain the book's defining feature: the characteristic clarity.

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