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Geology: A Complete Introduction

Geology: A Complete Introduction is designed to give you everything you need to succeed, all in one place. It covers the key areas that students are expected to..

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Principles of Snow Hydrology

by: DeWalle D.R., Rango A. Originally published in 2008, Principles of Snow Hydrology describes the factors that control the accumulation, melting and runoff..

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Geological methods inmineral exploration and mining

This book is written as a practical field manual to be used by geologists engaged in mineral exploration. It is also hoped that it will serve as a text and refe..

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Past Climate Variability in South America and Surrounding Regions: From the Last Glacial Maximum to the Holocene

by: Florence Sylvestre, Francoise Vimeux, Florence Sylvestre, Myriam Khodri This book groups together overviews and original research papers dealing with Sou..

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Geomechanics of Failures. Advanced Topics

BY: Eduardo E. Alonso, Núria M. Pinyol, Alexander M. Puzrin The backbone of Geotechnical Engineering does not concern the development of more or less sophis..

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Potassic Igneous Rocks and Associated Gold-Copper Mineralization

by: Daniel Müller, David I. Groves This book reviews the geochemical and petrological characteristics of potassic igneous rock complexes, and investigates t..

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Mountain Weather Research and Forecasting: Recent Progress and Current Challenges

by: Michael P. Meyers, W. James Steenburgh (auth.), Fotini K. Chow, Stephan F.J. De Wekker, Bradley J. Snyder This book provides readers with a broad underst..

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Trilobites in Wales

R M Owens; National Museum of Wales A good collection of well-arranged trilobites looks better in the cabinet than perhaps any other fossils', wrote J.E. T..

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Climate Management: Solving the Problem (Global Warming)

Earth has always exhibited patterns of heating up and cooling down. At some points in time, many areas of Earth were shrouded in blankets of ice, with ice caps ..

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Fossil Fuels and Pollution: The Future of Air Quality

by: Julie Kerr, Ph.D. Casper Clean air is essential to life and good health. Several important pollutants are produced by fossil fuel combustion and emitted ..

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