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A Grammatical Description of the Engenni Language

Dallas: Summer Institute of Linguistics and University of Texas at Arlington, 1978. — VIII, 191 p. — ISBN: 0-88312-074-7.Engenni (Ẹgẹnẹ) is an Edoid language of Nigeria. Engenni is a fairly isolating language, having little affixation. There is no plural form for words. It has definite articles, but no indefinite articles. There is a two-contrast with regards to demonstratives, while pronominal and adnominal demonstratives are identical (as in English). Verbs are marked for perfective/imperfective aspect, but there is no past tense. Engenni is an SVO language that uses prepositions. Adjectives, demonstratives, and numerals follow the noun they describe. Yes–no questions are marked with a special particle, which goes at the end of the question. Negation is indicated by a change in tone.

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