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Trilobites in Wales

R M Owens; National Museum of Wales

A good collection of well-arranged trilobites looks
better in the cabinet than perhaps any other fossils',
wrote J.E. Taylor in Our Common British Fossils,
published in 1885. Such is their popular appeal that
trilobites have always been some of the most eagerly
sought after of all fossils. Their n a m e , suggested by
their singular three-lobed appearance is derived from
'Trilobitae', introduced by the G e r m a n naturalist
J o h a n n Walch in 1771 in his Der Naturgeschichte
der Versteinerungen ('Natural History of
Petrefactions'). The study of trilobites has
particularly long associations with Wales, and the
ancient rocks which crop out over much of the
Principality have been well known as a rich source of
t h e m for nearly 300 years. This article outlines some
of the history of their investigation in the area,
describes their occurrence there, and discusses aspects
of their nomenclature and morphology which are
well illustrated by Welsh examples

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