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Responses to 101 Questions on God and Evolution

Debates about the religious implications of Charles Darwin's ideas have
been going on for almost a century and a half and are as heated today
as they have ever been. People ask: Does evolution trump belief in a
divine creation? Is "scientific creationism" a reasonable alternative to
evolution? How could a caring God permit the blind impersonality of
natural selection? This book responds to those questions and others as
it explores the ongoing conversation between religious belief and
empirical science.
The questions in the volume are arranged under several headings.
The first section looks at Darwin's theory of evolution, its standing among
scientists and believers today and its compatibility with scriptural
accounts of creation. The second section considers the implications of
evolution for theology. The third takes up the issue of creationism in its
many expressions. Later sections deal with questions. surrounding an
intelligent design to the universe, natural selection, divine providence,
suffering and redemption. Taken together, the responses in this book
offer a broad perspective on the way people are trying to explain their
world in a factual and religiously significant way.

● برای آگاهی یافتن از چگونگی مطالعه این کتاب، ویکی کتابناک را ببینید.

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