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Astronomy (schaum's series)

This book is a supplementary textbook in astronomy. A very useful textbook for students of high schools and universities, especially Iranian students who are looking for a practical guide to the key concepts of modern astronomy . Like any other books of Schaum’s series, it starts every chapter with concise summary explanation of pertinent concepts (definitions, laws and theorems) - then solves typical graded problems and at the end of the chapter introduces similar supplementary problems as exercises for students! It has totally 380 solved problems that are common problems of most examinations. Therefore this book is very useful for students who are getting ready for an examination in the least possible time too! Most important topics of this book are: fundamental concepts and subjects of astronomy( like masses , gases , light ,coordinate systems and distance) , terrestrial planets( like earth and Mars) , stars and galaxies, stellar evolution, white dwarfs , neutron stars and black holes

● برای آگاهی یافتن از چگونگی مطالعه این کتاب، ویکی کتابناک را ببینید.

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