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Advertising In The News

[center]South African newspapers and magazines found themselves operating under
increasingly difficult conditions in the 1990s, with an explosion of new media products
and the entry of global media companies into the local market (Taylor 2002; Ensor
2001).1 Although many media companies have posted enormous profits in the last few
years, publications face stiff competition, not just for readers, but for advertising, which
provides commercial media with the greater part of their revenue (Van Ginneken
1998). To maintain their profitability, many publications have developed a range of
strategies to attract advertising. In particular, these strategies include developing the
kind of content that advertisers most desire – content that creates a ‘buying mood’
for their products (Herman & Chomsky 1994: 17). These include niched supplements,
special sections and advertorial pages (also known as surveys). Along with increasing
their ‘paid-for content’, however, many publications appear to be failing to signal
adequately to readers when the content they are reading has been paid for by
advertisers and when it has not. In addition, certain kinds of content carried in
publications purely to attract advertising cannot easily be identified as such.[/center]
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