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Ancient Warfare - A Very Short Intorduction

This book deals with war between about 750 bc and ad 650. It
concentrates on the classical cultures of Greece and Rome, although
some of their enemies, peoples such as the Persians, Carthaginians,
Germans, Huns, Arabs, and so on, get a look in. There are reasons
beyond the author’s academic specialization for this focus.
War was at the core of the classical cultures. Although, contrary to
popular ideas, they were not always at war, and when they were they
did not always seek open battle. The Greeks and Romans for long
periods of time were generally successful in war, and war was never
far from their minds. The ancient Mediterranean world produced
sophisticated thinking specifically about war, much of which is still of
relevance today. Concepts drawn from war were also used to structure
thinking in many other areas. War was considered to be one of the main
ways to distinguish one culture from another. Within the classical
cultures, war was central to the construction of masculinity and
thoughts about the differences between men and women. At the most
intimate level, ideas from war were used by individuals to understand
and construct their own personalities. In the Greek and Roman worlds
almost everything you read, heard, or looked at could evoke warfare.

Preface ix
List of illustrations xv
List of maps xvii
1 ‘At my signal unleash hell’: the Western Way of War? 1
2 Thinking with war 16
3 War and society 35
4 Thinking about war 53
5 Strategy 65
6 Fighting 82
7 ‘People should know when they are conquered’: the
reinventions of the Western Way of War 112
Further reading 129
Chronology 151
Index 157
حق تکثیر: انتشار در حوزه عمومی اینترنت.

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ایدئولوژی فاشیست: سرزمین و گسترش طلبی در ایتالیا و آلمان 1922-1945 م
آثارعتیقه کوتل خیرخانه
تاریخ طبری (جلد نهم)

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